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Dita designer eyewear Melbourne. Sunglasses and Optical available in Richmond and South Yarra.

Dita sunglasses and optical range are inspired by generations of artisans and craftsmen who came before them. In other words, they have a classic feel and that’s what we love about their unique designs.

Dita’s creative and production philosophies blend East with West fashion trends in other words, finding the balance of heritage and contemporary. They create optical frames and sunglasses of lasting beauty and quality. Dita’s sunglasses and optical range is some of the world’s finest and most beautiful eyewear. 

Frames are striking and bold using the finest materials to create lasting frames. Dita creates eyewear using traditional techniques, not to mention hand polishing their frames using bamboo chips and a hand-operated drum. 

Originated in L.A. and made in Japan, Dita is worn by many of the world’s famous faces, such as Ryan Reynolds and Bebe Rexha. It is this sense of class that our clients love.

Our range features Dita sunglasses for men, Dita sunglasses for women, optical glasses for men, and optical glasses for women.

Eyes Optometrists stock frames including the Dita Flight series, Dita Mach series, and classic Dita Aviators.

Available: Richmond and South Yarra


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